Who is Kiore really?

It’s a Yarn-Bowl. I used it to knit that hat.

I’m a 34 year old Customer Support Representative from Northern California.

I have been into the Legend of Zelda since The Adventure of Link, but it was A Link to the Past that really got my Hylian Heart pounding.

I don’t really think I’m Hylian, but I do play one online.

I am an artist, an author, and a crafty, creative person.

I have the Triforce tattooed upon me, with designs to have another one done.

My favorite Zelda game is Twilight Princess.

My Favorite Link is Twilight

My favorite Zelda is Skyward Sword

My favorite non-major character is Ravio.

I ship RavioLi.  Also, a little bit of M!Shink.  And SS Zelink.


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