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Playing the Ocarina

Naturally, I’ve recently gotten into playing the Ocarina.  I have two of them now, and I thought I’d write a little review about them!


My first ocarina is a ceramic one from TOTMC Ceramic Ocarina

I tend to find this particular ocarina ‘breathy’, which means there’s a lot of air that doesn’t sound like its being used for playing the actual notes, so it sounds like it’s sighing a little as I play it.  It also does not light higher notes, tending to do what I call a ‘fweep’ when I try to hit any notes at C or above.

I do find it to be an extremely easy instrument to play, however.  It’s small for my smaller hands, fairly lightweight. It is ceramic, so there is the feeling that if I’m not gentle with it, it will break.


My second ocarina, and the one I prefer playing is a Stl Plastic 12 hole Ocarina.

I absolutely love this particular instrument, and playing it is very, very easy.  The only time I manage to get into the ‘fweep’ is when I’m trying to play any note above high F on the scale.  Which is basically no fingers on the ocarina holes.


On both ocarina, I have difficulty playing any notes that require the smaller holes, but I think that’s just because I’m so used to placing my fingers on the regular holes.


I’m hoping someday to be able to afford a Songbird Ocarina: Songbird Ocarina However, I think I’ll do this through busking with my current STL ocarina, after I design myself an adorable costume to go with it.


In time – Along with everything else!

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