There are several skills I wish to acquire in order to feel that I have begun to accomplish my goal.  I wish to be ‘fluent’ in these skills in order to feel that I have completed this task.

Strikeout means complete


  • Read and Write in Twilight Era Hylian:
    • Write daily in Twilight-Era Hylian.
    • Read novels in Twilight-Era Hylian (On my Kindle, or printed)
    • Write novel in Hylian – I suppose transferring my own novel into Hylian and reading it counts!
    • Complete self-made font


  • Hand sewing
    •  Quilting
      • Learn hand stitching
      • Stitch a LoZ quilt – In progress
      • Sew Curtain based on Zelda’s Sailcloth
    • Book covers
      • Cover all books in fabric covers, use this as a guide to which books to keep
        • If it’s worth putting the effort into a cover, it’s worth keeping.
    • Clothing
      • Cosplay
      • Day-to-day Hylian-inspired clothing
  • Bookbinding
    • Writing and Binding books in Hylian
    • Complete a cook-book of Hylian inspired meals, in Twilight-Era Hylian.
  • Wood-work
    • Begin to build simple furnature
    • Woodburning
    • Woodcarving
    • Craft Hylian items such as:
      • Functional Clock Town Clock
      • Loft Bed for above desk
      • Shelves for the Books
  • Leatherwork
    • Leather-Stamping
    • Leather Masks
    • Leather accessories
      • Belts
      • Bracers
  • Knitting
    • Improve Knitting skills
      • Knit more Hylian related merch
        • Ravio Scarf / Hat
        • Link’s Gauntlets
  • Music
    • Learn to play the Ocarina so that it doesn’t go ‘fweep’ anymore.
      • Upon mastering at least 5 songs, get a better ocarina
      • Ocarina Get!
    • Learn the Ballad of the Goddess – In Sky Hylian.
  • Weaving
  • Doll Making
    • Make Link Doll
    • Make Deku Link Doll
      • Learn how LEDs work for Deku Scrub’s eyes.

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