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Mr. Satoru Iwata died today.

It’s crushed me just a little, for a lot of reasons.  One, he is in the same age-group as my parents, and Japanese men who smile often remind me so very much of my father.

Two, I am in the gaming industry.  I don’t know how much I believe the whole thing that we are all tied together (red strings of fate?) but, I feel like I lost a Co-worker.

Sorry for the serious entry.  I just sort of wanted to share a little with the world.

We, the community, everyone who has whispered the words “I love the Legend of Zelda” are those that fill the hearts of the others.  Today we lost one of our hearts.


However we will Honor your memory, and when we play our games, we will smile.

We, those of us who have every called ourself or considered ourselves Hylian, will miss you.

Rest in peace

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More RL Zelda Things!

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 12.23.46 AM

So, you all know how I like having LOZ things in my daily life.  This is now what my dock looks like on my Macbook.  Using LiteIcon, a cute little application that allows you to easily change the system icons on your mac, I’ve personalized my icons for the various things that I do.  Becoming Hylian gets Zelda themed icons, while my other two interests get their own system icons.

So, that’s what I’ve been doing while it’s been hotter than Death Mountain here in Nor Cal.

Everyone, do your best to keep cool!  Times like this I wish I had an Ice Rod, I’d freeze my house!

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