The things we take with us adventuring…

19 May


So, here’s a little array of what I take with me on an average day.

In order of appearance, right to left top to bottom:

  • Shield Backpack
  • iPad/Android Tablet¬†cover my friend, Tricia, made for me
  • iPad Mini
  • Android device
  • Zelda Wii bag
  • Zelda Adventurer’s pouch for the 3DSXL
  • Glasses – Nothing Zelda about those, just make it so I can see better
  • Link between Worlds 3DSXL (With Ravio/Link charm)
  • Kindle – It’s in Hylian
  • Stress notebook – in Hylian
  • Kiore’s Sketchbook
  • Android tablet
  • Work notebook / Blog Notebook
  • Journal – in which I write in Hylian

I was kind of bored while I was in the hotel, so I thought I’d take a nice picture of all of the things that I carry with me on a daily basis. ¬†Yes, it all fits in both the Zelda Wii Bag and the Shield Backpack.

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