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I’m a Knight of Hyrule!


Writing in Hylian


I officially wrote a Blog post for the Knights of Hyrule!  I’m kind of excited that it was something that the folks behind it said they’d enjoy publishing, and people seem to enjoy the blog post as well!

I’m not sure what to write next, though.  Maybe a quick blog on pets?  Or…fashion from the Twilight Era?  I just don’t know!  I’ve got so many different things to write about, but not a whole lot of real content to push.

Who knows!  Maybe I’ll find a neat something or other in the near future!

Maybe…I can write about the ocarina’s I’ve got recently.

Though, I may do that just for this blog.  😀

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The things we take with us adventuring…


So, here’s a little array of what I take with me on an average day.

In order of appearance, right to left top to bottom:

  • Shield Backpack
  • iPad/Android Tablet cover my friend, Tricia, made for me
  • iPad Mini
  • Android device
  • Zelda Wii bag
  • Zelda Adventurer’s pouch for the 3DSXL
  • Glasses – Nothing Zelda about those, just make it so I can see better
  • Link between Worlds 3DSXL (With Ravio/Link charm)
  • Kindle – It’s in Hylian
  • Stress notebook – in Hylian
  • Kiore’s Sketchbook
  • Android tablet
  • Work notebook / Blog Notebook
  • Journal – in which I write in Hylian

I was kind of bored while I was in the hotel, so I thought I’d take a nice picture of all of the things that I carry with me on a daily basis.  Yes, it all fits in both the Zelda Wii Bag and the Shield Backpack.

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My LoZ Quilt!

One of the Skills that I wanted to perfect was quilting.  This felt like a fantastic way to improve my hand stitching quite a bit!  So, I figured I’d begin simple.

I sleep on a twin sized bed, so I did the math based on a Twin bed.


This was my idea.  Find a simple pixel picture of Link (As you can see him here).  Stitch a bunch of 3 1/2 inch blocks together (With 1/4 inch seam allowance for a 3″ surface) and sew them all together, to make a nice neat pattern!


As you can see, my hand stitching is nice and neat.  I don’t think the stitches are small enough, but that’s something that will come in time.  I doubt these will pull apart very easily.


I used a bunch of different fabrics for the various colors.  I didn’t want it just to be solidly colored, but wanted to create an interesting array of fabric appearances, so each of the fabric has a pattern that is different from the one next to it.  Also, on the solid ‘background’ I alternated between two different patterns, to give the ‘field’ a pixel look

2015-02-28 12.32.16

By no means am I finished yet.  In fact, I’ve just finished that 18th block at the furthest end there.  My anxiety has been very bad, so it’s been difficult to pursue projects such as this, since I’m struggling to do things like stay on top of laundry, but I wanted to get this  posted here,because I am proud of what’s been produced sofar.

2015-02-28 12.52.11

Mr Monster (My remlit) being ever so helpful.  See?  They always attack Link.

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What am I doing?

Isn’t that always the question?

Basically, I am absolutely in love with the Legend of Zelda.  It’s pretty simply.  It inspires me daily.

Unfortunately, I live with pretty crippling self doubt and depression.  Every day is a struggle to crawl out of my bed and face the day.  I do work, I have a very difficult time, however, going to work, and making it through some of even the most basic days is something I struggle with.

Why have I decided to Become Hylian, and what does that even mean?

Becoming Hylian

I’ve found that the three overall themes of the Legend of Zelda speak to me. Courage, Wisdom, Power.

I lack these three things in my life at the moment. I am a coward. I am Ravio levels of cowardly. I am not particularly Wise, I act impulsively and emotionally. My cowardice makes me weak; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

BUT! The other day, I was at work, having just had a difficult situation land in my lap, and basically wanted to shut down. I picked up my pen, grabbed my notebook, and wrote:

Courage is doing what needs to be done - even though you're afraid

Courage is doing what needs to be done – even though you’re afraid.

This was powerful for me!  This was a strength that I hadn’t encountered before.  I admit, I had to take a few minutes, and an anxiety pill, but, every so often, when I felt that overwhelming urge to hide again, I would reach over and touch those words.

And it helped.

Becoming Hylian, for me, is about improving my everything, learning and understanding what Wisdom, Power and Courage really mean for someone like me, who’s always had a problem understanding these virtues, much less living them.

For me, the Legend of Zelda, the stories that it tells, are inspiring.  Even if it’s something as small as being able to take that deep breath after having something frightening happen to you, and sit up and be able to do the work that needs to be done.

This is a part of it.  There are also the more fun parts of Becoming Hylian.  Changing my living space to reflect a Hylian-style home.  The furniture and interior decorating that we would see in The Legend of Zelda (Particularly Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword in my case), dressing in a more Hylian appropriate way, building Hylian related crafts, and learning Hylian related skills, cooking Hylian related foods…

Am I little Legend of Zelda obsessed?  Yes.  This is, after all, the only franchise I have carved into my skin (I have a Triforce tattoo).  How far am I going to take this?  Well, for those of you who know me (I doubt anyone reading this does…) all the way.  I would like to make it so that coming home isn’t just coming home, it’s stepping into a little piece of Hyrule.

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